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UcKindies Nursery

Because we understand, childhood is a journey not a race, and nursery is about much more than academic; we are a concept nursery that advocates children to develop with love & laughter! “A child is born with a fully developed brain. How the brain matures further depends on the environment around him/her.”

UC Kindies After School Program

The UC Kindies after school program provides a variety of experiences and fun activities including Arts and crafts, sports, games, cooking, movie time and Xbox/PS time. We are committed to offer children a high quality time and caring environment. Activities are planned to meet the needs and interests of the children.

Who’s behind us

After 20 years of involving in mental development programmes throughout the world, now UC International Corporation has another new born member, UC Kindies, our very own concept nursery. I thought about the beginning, when I see my first child was born. Immediately, my heart filled with warmth and I have the urge to provide him the best in everything.I believe,I am not alone in this.There are many parents that wish for the same thing – to provide the best for their young ones. But what is the best? After many research and readings I have made throughout the years, I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful to share this with everyone? Not just in my home country Malaysia, but to the world, to everyone no matter race, class or creed.

UC Kindies


Pioneering innovations that provide equal opportunity to every individual for a better life



Continuously provide education with a difference with our excellent and trusted mental development programmes, to people everywhere all over the world.


Continuously provide support to our franchisees and business partners
everywhere to further mutual goals and reap further success.

Research and Development:

ontinuously invest in innovation, no matter how unorthodox it may be, as research is vital to maintaining quality products, programmes, systems and tools.

Our Facilities

Computer Room

Fully equipped computer room to teach our children to be up to date with the latest technologies.

Indoor Garden

Indoor playground with sliding area, coloring area.

Science Lab

Science lab. for performing experiments in a safe environment under our supervision. Children need to experiment, to learn and understand all the outcomes of using different materials and mixing them together.

We Offer Two Pograms At UcKindies

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