Fully equipped computer room to teach our children to be up to date with the latest technologies.

Science lab. for performing experiments in a safe environment under our supervision. Children need to experiment, to learn and understand all the outcomes of using different materials and mixing them together.

Activity room for our extra-curricular activities.

Video room to watch songs and educational cartoons.

Fully equipped classes for children to enjoy the highest level of education in a fun and creative method, in the safest environment.

Fully equipped kitchen with a professional Chef to maintain highest standard of nutrition, offering the children 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch & snack)

Sports area where children can enjoy playing tennis, football, and basketball.

Indoor playground with sliding area, coloring area, house of balls and popcorn station.

Outdoor garden with a huge free playing area, sliding area, swings both for younger children and older ones, and mazes.

Planting area where children can enjoy planting the seeds, watering them and watching their plants grow day by day.

Dining room for children to enjoy eating their meals.

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