International Culture

International Culture program

“The entire world is a laboratory for the enquiring mind”. This statement is perfectly suited for the curious state of mind that a young student has. Our understanding about childhood and the complexities of this amazing journey makes us a dependable authority you can entrust your own child with.

Our UC Kids have unlimited access to an exciting gamut of fun-filled activities that are fortified with learning and knowledge at the right junctures. Our child-initiated nursery activity is unique as compared to teacher-initiated ones and it allows your child to explore the huge, wide world at his or her own pace.

UC Kids are exposed to international cultural exchange activities which helps them to experience multiple cultures at an impressionable age, as they form life-long bonds and acquire friends. We allow your child to explore innumerable horizons, while our learning methods fuel their desire to gather knowledge, motivating them to keep learning all their lives.

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