Mental development

Mental development program (Syllabus part1)

MATH and SCIENCE are integral for success in any other modern occupations your child will seek to pursue in the future. Every part of our life, personal or professional, needs a clear understanding of both these subject streams. It is critical to gain enhanced knowledge about them so that your child can grab every available opportunity with both hands.

From creating a monthly home budget to launching a satellite to building a home, the human race has benefited immensely from the advances in the field of MATH and SCIENCE. UC Kindies strives to give your child an early start by infusing them with knowledge that will be practical and useful.

  • UC Math: This method provides practical and applied knowledge as the child gains understanding through interactive play that promotes learning. Watch the UC Math Expert bloom right in front of your eyes.
  • Brino’s Vivid Calculation: Your child is empowered to apply and employ ways to awaken our brain’s right hemisphere through this technique. It is also an effective way of helping kids to get acquainted to calculations and builds their confidence.
  • UC Brilliant Science: This is the UC kids’ very own search engine that they refer to know more about nature, space, social & cultural behaviours and other sciences.
  • Brino’s Science Lab: Watch your child conduct practical and exciting experiments that teach the basic and fundamental concepts of science. The Lab has been created to assist your child in exploring science to get closer to it, all the while encouraging him/her to think success.

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