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About UC Kindies

Launch yourself in the field of Preschool education as a franchisee and kick-start your journey as an entrepreneur with UC Kindies. It is a concept kindergarten that advocates children to have a healthy measure of fun, giggles and escapades alongside learning all the important under one roof. This kindergarten is a member of UC International innovative group that shares its scientifically proven learning skills on a worldwide basis. This is an once-in-a-lifetime franchisee opportunity with UC International Corporation that possesses a wealth of expertise and experience spanning across a quarter of a century.
UC Kindies is now present in Malaysia, China, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, India, Iran and will be launched shortly in many more countries.

Why UC Kindies Kindergarten?

UC Kindies is a concept kindergarten that advocates children to have a healthy measure of fun, giggles and escapades alongside learning all the important under one roof. This kindergarten is a member of UC Internaonal innovave group that shares its scienfically proven learning skills on a worldwide basis. Corporaon that has made a flagship out of its astonishing training methodologies. It is also an internaonal innovave group that shares its scienfic proven learning skills on worldwide basis.
Currently, UC Internaonal Corporaon has covered 5 connents (Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and Australia) more than 74 countries and 5 thousand franchisees worldwide for last 24 years.
Therefore, with the 24 years of experience in mental development programme on a worldwide basis, UC Kindies customised a mental development programme syllabus based on maths and science to provide preschool children with a fun and interesng approach to whole brain development.

Come! Join the kindergarten revolution that is taking the world by storm…

UC Kindies India is seeking to join hands with potential partners and enter into a long and mutually-beneficial business association. Passion to teach the best of kindergarten concepts and a burning desire to become a leader in this field. If you possess these qualities then join UC Kindies and complete your quest for excellence in the field of education.

Investment Rupees 12 to 15 lacs
Space 1500 sq. feet and above (carpet area)
Brand Fees 2.5 lacs
Project Cost (Estimated) 15 to 18 lacs
Royalty 15%
Franchise Duration 5 years
Expected time for return of investment 2 years
Centre Head To ensure that all teaching staff adhere to specified quality standards
Main Teachers 1 teacher per class
Maids 1 Maid for every 20 students
Class Duration Playschool: 3 hours

Nursery: 3 ½ hours

Junior KG: 4 hours

Senior KG: 4 hours

Specified Age Groups Play School: 2 years

Nursery: 3 years

Junior KG: 4 years

Senior KG: 5 years

Additional programs can be run to earn revenue and are provided 1.UCMAS(Brain Development Programme)

2. Summer Camp

3. Winter Camp

4. Additional activity classes

Franchisee Support

You are assured of proactive hand-holding until the formal opening of the centre and the following steps are taken to ensure a smooth launch and running of your centre:
  • Enquire with us and fix an appointment with our Marketing Executive to have detailed information and Return on investment about UC Kindies International Kindergarten.
  • Finalise your decision and location for the kindergarten to start with the help of our UC Kindies marketing team and sign the Agreement.
  • The franchisee receives Key Operation Manuals and necessary videos after the franchise agreement is signed.
  • A 2- day orientation program for the franchisee and a 4-day orientation program for teachers is organized.
  • Our website is updated with Franchise details
  • Designing and remodelling of the centre is then carried out under our advice along with the procurement of necessary toys and training equipment as detailed in the agreement.
  • Centre Manager and related staff is appointed by the franchise
  • Franchise decides upon a launch date for opening of the centre.
  • Franchisee staff training is done to manage the launch and initial set up.
  • UC Kindies guides the franchisee for local publicity and creating printing materials.
  • Franchise fee structure is finalised and enrolments begin
  • Curriculum training for centre staff is carried out and soft copies of curriculum are sent to franchisee.
  • As soon as the Franchisee confirms that the centre and staff are ready, a Commencement Certificate is issued by the Master Franchisee.
  • Franchisee launches the centre, initiates operations and procures initial kits.

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