Preschool near Haware City Thane

Welcome to the UC Kindines in Thane!

We have become the favorite choice of parents who want to enroll their toddlers in the most trusted preschool in Thane. We engage every toddler in various activities, which make them realize about the good & bad things. We assure that your child is safe in our Nursery near Haware City Thane that offers a friendly atmosphere to the children where they can grow wisely and learn essential things. Our center is well-equipped with all the essential facilities such as CCTV, well-trained staff while concentrating on Health & Hygiene environment.

We think that we cannot force toddlers for education that’s become the reason for our inspection as we provide the fun-loving surrounding for the kids. At our Daycare center near Haware City Thane, every toddler is served with the nutritious food

items on the predetermined time frame. The fact is true that the children require the proper care in the growing stage that is provided in the UC Kindines in the best possible manner.

At our Preschool near Haware City Thane, we plan to:

  • To provide a safe, secure & inspiring atmosphere
  • To follow the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • To provide high-quality education & care for pre-school children
  • To work within a structure that ensures equality of opportunity & values diversity for all kids and their families?
  • To work in affiliation with parents to assist children develop, learn and add to the well being of our society.

UC Kindines has become the favorite choice of parents to enroll their toddlers. We believe that we cannot force education to tiny tots, which are the reason we make them learn with fun & loving environment. Your kid is safe in our Preschool centre in Vraj Valley Thane where he/she can learn in the best way. Kids need care in the growing age which is delivered in Daffodils Pre-School in the best possible way.