Preschool near Hiranandani Estate Thane

We launched UC Kindines several years ago and since then we have quickly changed the face of Pre-school education throughout the world as we considered that kids are nation future. Considering the fact in mind only, we have started forming a basic understanding of educational topics that children will persist to build upon in the future. Our success in the domain makes us the leading Preschool near Hiranandani Estate Thane raised the expectations of several optimistic parents, who are eager to see their kid flourish under our guidance. We understand that preschool is a thrilling time for tiny tots where they learn about simple things, how to sort objects, sounds of letters and how a seed converts into a plant.

Our educational & development programmes have inspired us to start Nursery near Hiranandani Estate Thane, which today has a wider network of parents throughout the nation. Moreover, we are setting a new benchmark in the industry for the betterment of the kids and allow us to win the heart of countless parents.

Our Facilities:

  • Computer Room
  • Innovative Technology tools & machines
  • Science Lab
  • Holistic Development Approach
  • Indoor Garden

At our Daycare center near Hiranandani Estate Thane, we even have a dance area for drama & acting, music and a dedicated stage to perform. We serve kids with a plethora of sources such as the Learning Library‚Äôs educational, lesson plans, practical and engaging worksheets, interactive stories and other sources are extraordinary implements to attain kid’s interest in learning for the rest of their lives.

But our preschool children are full of energy that produces hands-on lessons – an ideal way to engage them with new ideas. So, without any doubt, enroll your kids in UC Kindines for their overall development.