Preschool near Vijay Garden Thane

In fact, a preschool is your kid’s first experience away from you and is a change from home to school, which is a smooth process. Thus, to ensure the transformation, we have a team of professionals at our Preschool near Rutu Enclave Anand Nagar Thane who supports children’s in their overall development. We understand that your little bundle of happiness takes the first step of your child into a new world and we assure that your kid is not at all alone with us.

We have a team of professional faculty members who always stand behind us to help your toddler get comfortable in the cultivating atmosphere of our preschool that makes us your child’s best Nursery near Rutu Enclave Anand Nagar Thane. Our ideology permits to ensure your kid’s holistic development, management & safety needs that are met in a house like an environment.

Salient Features of our Pre-school:

  • Encouraging learning of new age skills
  • Playgroup
  • Developing language skills
  • Shaping scientific thought in children
  • Hands-on discovery and exploration with exclusive UC Kindies kits
  • Occupying children physically, emotionally & socially

UC Kindies, the new age careful & attentive curriculum, which is resultant from our Child First philosophy, where the beautiful & innocent kid mind is the motivation for everything we do. At our Daycare center near Rutu Enclave Anand Nagar Thane, the activities & curriculum are planned where your tiny tot can learn & grow in a holistic environment. Our pre-school curriculum produces a huge mixture of activities & games blowing soul, mind, and body. For the reason, we are considered as the leading chain of preschool aiming to nurture children for their entire life.