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Whole Language Program (Syllabus part2)

The entire premise of our Whole Language Program is based on complete and comprehensive growth of your child’s learning and development. The child is guided through an interactive process that is exciting and innovative at every single step. Using examples from the real world, we have integrated the nuances of the English Language in regular play activities, art, craftwork and social behaviour.

We encourage our students to practice essential skills like reading, writing and listening while helping them to develop the all-important conversational skills. The generous use of phonics, letter names and letter writing allows them to learning the nuances of languages and also helps them in expressing the meaning of the read and written material.

Our aim is to create a world filled with love and respect for each other and this section is instrumental in creating a robust equilibrium for life. The children imbibe values like kindness, empathy, care and belonging so that their spiritual beings are nourished too.

Our program consists of a complete art and craft kit that is presented to every child. The creativity and thought-process is nurtured here so every learner creates and expresses his/her feeling in an artistic form.

Fun and amusement is an integral part of this mixed-age activity, where your child learns and practices an entire array of skills. They learn to put their creativity and imagination to good use and rehearse concepts like leadership, teamwork, time management and planning. Role Play, Drama, Sand play, water games and many such innovative and engaging activities are a part of our curriculum here.

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